SINGLE USER-Food For Thought Curriculum** DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

SINGLE USER-Food For Thought Curriculum** DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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“Food for Thought” Curriculum - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - SINGLE USER

Food for Thought is more than a typical nutrition education class. We also cover pertinent topics related to our current food system. In this course students learn about basic nutrition and cooking skills, the process of how food is made and how the food choices students make impact their personal health and the world around them. Our goal is to inspire them to take part in creating a healthier food system for us all!

This curriculum meets National standards for family and consumer sciences, health education, science and social science. It also aligns well with environmental and culinary education.

Please note: Curriculum and google drive pricing are for a single user.  Multiple copies may be purchased by a single school at a discounted price. Please contact An Ounce of Nutrition for more details.